Just wanted to share some ideas with you on how I bought my first Coleman popup camper. About 4 years ago my family got this bad itch to go camping. It would be my wife, my two girls ages 4 and 6 at the time and myself. Considering their ages, my wife and I were not too enthusiastic about regular tent camping, so we started to look at popup campers.

It took me 6 months of weekly research and pricing to finally find the right popup, a Coleman popup. I literally spent 6 months researching tent trailers and determined out of the dozen or so manufacturers that Coleman makes the best product hands down.

Coleman campers are simply constructed better and are made to last. Their lift system is second to none and metal frame construction can withstand decades of use. That and Coleman campers just make sense. They have the features a family needs and the layout is smart. Everything is located where it should be for ease of use and maintenance.
I ended up buying a 1998 Coleman Westlake off of Craigslist and we have enjoyed it dozens of times over the years. We take it out all the time and it has all the comforts of home. It has a bathroom, shower, AC, 4 burner stove, refrigerator and 2 king bed pullouts.

The only thing I wish it has was a heater. We do a lot of fall and early spring camping and the temp can drop into the 40's at night. It gets pretty cold as the only thing separating you between the elements is a piece of canvas. Anyway, that's the only thing I wish the camper had. Other than that it's been a huge asset for my family.


    Hi, my name is Brian and I am a huge Coleman popup camper fan.

    I own a 1998 Coleman Westlake, purchased used 4 years ago.

    Coleman makes the best tent trailers hands down in my opinion!


    September 2010


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